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July 27, 2009


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Coulombe Daniel

A few comments on the new force prototype:

"The bow and stern are higher than the old model which made it much easier to turn, its wider hull and redesigned floor allowed this boat to surf easily."

bow and stern higher = very good idea.

wider hull? how large is the force goin' to be?
the larger, the harder to esquimo roll.

Esquimo rolling the force would be easier if
the height of the stern bag would be less
and the new valve cap placement on the
stern bag might be a problem while finishing
the movement (roll).

Have you thought of a small bag for the lunch
and more solid thigh strap for esquimo roll?

See pictures of my set up:


Troy Cooley

The hull width is measuring 36" on the prototypes.
The bow and stern bags are flatter on the prototype Force because they are designed with 2 I-beams in each bag.
Valve location on the stern bag has been tested and shouldn't interfere with rolling or bracing.
I would like to hear more about your lunch bag idea for the Force if you are willing to share.
We have added alternate attachment points for the thighstraps on this boat. This will allow the paddler to set it up to his/her preference.
We have also added some d-rings onto the front deck of the Force.

Have a great day.

Coulombe Daniel

(hull width is measuring 36" on the prototypes)
This will make it more
difficult to esquimo roll,
32" is best for the force since
it is emulating a rigid kayak
but 36" may be good for the xl
since the xl is not an easy one
to roll anyway and it would then
become more stable like a
regular ducky.
Most other inflatables are
36" wide and are not really
rollable in a rough situation.
As for a lunch bag, see what i
did with a broken nrs bandit seat,
it works!

Troy Cooley

Thanks for your thoughts on the width of the boat. I will see if anyone has tried to roll this boat compared to that of the Force. I appreciate seeing your lunch bag. It is an interesting idea. Does it inhibit the rolling of your boat? We have a small bag called the Repair Kit Bag that might work for the same purpose as your lunch bag.

Coulombe Daniel

Rolling the force with the bag
is no problem. The force at 32"
width is a little tougher to roll
than a rigid kayak but this is an inflatable and I think you should
keep this possibility on the new
model for the one of us who like
to run these boats like rigid ones.

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